Sara Hellali (DO, BSc(Hons))

Medical professionals make up a large part of Sara’s family. Even as a young girl, Sara knew she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her family members, but she chose to help patients differently.
Upon graduating from AIMO in Saronno (Italy) and from BCOM in London (UK), she became a teaching assistant and shortly thereafter was asked to join the teachers’ core. She taught osteopathic techniques, clinical reasoning, and osteopathic medicine, describing the working mechanisms of the osteopathic manual therapy.
Passionate about neurology and neuro orthopedics, Sara attended an internship at the Shriners Hospital in Sacramento (USA) and shadowed several international prime orthopedics and neuro orthopedics. Always in search for knowledge, she attended a Masters degree in the Neurosurgery department at the Meyer Hospital in Florence (Italy), where she developed her major interest in the Dura Mater and discovered the role this meninge plays in several spinal issues.
On this topic, Sara developed a groundbreaking new manual approach to investigate and treat several spinal pathologies such as low back pain, sacral pains, coccygeal pains, pelvic floor pains, scoliosis, headaches, etc. ….
Sara is no stranger to teaching. Today she leads the academy of a high-tech based medical franchising, as well as teaching postgraduate students on the topic of Dura Mater and Idiopathic Scoliosis. As a result, she is not just a theoretician. She works with patients every day, combining osteopathic manual treatment with advanced hi-tech technologies.

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10 oktober 2024

Masterclass Dura mater: The most important structure ignored in manual therapy (Sara Hellali)

Kasteel Domein De Herten, Hertsbergsestraat 4, 8020 Oostkamp 550,00 29 Qty Available
Kasteel Domein De Herten, Hertsbergsestraat 4, 8020 Oostkamp 550,00 29 Qty Available