Wilfried Simon (The Spine Physio)

Introducing Wilfried Simon, a distinguished physiotherapist and renowned as the spine physio, recognized across Instagram as the go-to authority for spinal health. With a solid academic foundation from ESMK Paris and ISO Paris, Wilfried’s expertise shines through 12 years of private practice in Paris and Antwerp, where he has adeptly managed various pathologies.

As the visionary behind “Recovery Lab Antwerp,” he seamlessly harmonizes osteopathy and physiotherapy for spine-related issues, demonstrating his commitment to multidisciplinary care.

A true trailblazer, Wilfried pioneers the latest in back pain treatment, curating and sharing cutting-edge studies on his platform. His pioneering spirit is further evident through his specialized coursework in Cognitive Functional Therapy, Central Sensitization, Pain Management, and Neuropathy & Neuropathic Pain, empowering him to craft tailored strategies for intricate pain patterns.

Fluent in multiple languages and having left an indelible mark in two countries, Wilfried is an empathetic clinician with a global perspective, dedicated to enriching your comprehension and management of low back pain.

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18 oktober 2024

From myths to practice: Master Low Back Pain treatment (Wilfried Simon – The Spine Physio)

QBic, Fraikinstraat 36, 2200 Herentals 550,00 26 Qty Available
QBic, Fraikinstraat 36, 2200 Herentals 550,00 26 Qty Available